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Visiting Physician Information
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Physicians may observe cardiac MRI and/or cardiac CT cases being performed, analyzed, and interpreted live at Carnegie Hill Radiology (CHR). CHR is an outpatient imaging center on Manhattan’s Upper East Side which generally performs 15-25 cardiac MRI and CT studies daily. In addition, we interpret cardiac MRI and CT cases from outside centers.

Cardiac MRI studies are performed using GE's 750w 3.0T.  Studies are reviewed, analyzed, and reported using SuiteHeart software. A wide variety of cardiac MRI studies are performed, including adenosine stress perfusion, quantitative LV and RV function, myocardial viability assessment, patent foramen ovale detection, and quantification of valvular disease and intracardiac shunts.

Cardiac CT studies are performed using a Toshiba 160-slice Aquilion PRIME CT scanner which is equipped with AIDR 3D. Studies are analyzed on  a vital images workstation.

Participants observe and learn during the day (between 9AM and 5PM) exclusive of holidays. In addition to reviewing live cases, participants have access to an extensive teaching library. There is liberal access to workstations which participants can use to review and analyze studies on their own.

Participants are expected to keep a personal log of those cases they have observed and interpreted while at CHR. At the conclusion of the fellowship, Dr. Wolff will provide each participant with a letter listing the dates of attendance and referring to the personal log as evidence of the work that was done to satisfy the requirements of certification, as specified by the ACR guidelines and the ACC guidelines.

The price for the Visiting Fellowship is $1,500 per day, $5,000 per week (5 business days), $15,000 per 6 weeks, and $25,000 per 12 weeks. Training does not need to be consecutive business days. Contact us to schedule your fellowship or if you have any questions.